21:02 ~ 22:23 (23:35)


Unit 050 ~ 056


틀린 거 또 틀리고, 틀린 거 또 틀리고...

안 틀리던 것도 틀리고...

여전히 똑같다.

오늘은 집중했다고 했는데, 쉬운 문장들을 빠르게 넘기려다 보니 틀린 문장들이 많다.

a / the, ~ed form 여전히 틀리는 것들...

~d, ~t 묵음 처리들...

잘 안 들리면 문장을 보고 교정할 수 있어야 하는데 문장을 보고도 교정 안 되는 문법들이 여전히 많다.

안 틀릴 때까지 반복 연습을 하자!!!


받아쓰기 틀린 문장들

Unit 050 : to... (I want to do) and ~ing (I enjoy doing)

It's not very late. We don't need to go home yet.

I tried to read my book, but I was to tired.

Tara suggested going to the movies.

It started raining. or It started to rain.

Would you like to sit down? No, I'd prefer to stand, thank you.

I live in a small town. I'd hate to live in a big city.


Unit 051 : I want you to... I told you to...

Sue asked a friend to lend her some money.

I didn't have my phone whit me, so Sue let me use hers.


Unit 052 : I went to the store to...

Why are you going out? To buy some bread.


Unit 053 : go to... go on... go for... go ~ing

I was very tired and went to sleep early.

When we were in Egypt, we went on a tour of the pyramids.

Workers at the airport went on strike.

The water looks nice. I'm going for a swim.

It's a nice day. Let's go swimming. or Let's go for a swim.

Richard has a small boat, and he often goes sailing.

I went running before breakfast this morning.


Unit 054 : get

I'm sorry your mother is sick. I hope she gets better soon.

Nicole and David are getting married soon.

I got up and got dressed quickly.

I usually get to work before 8:30.

A car stopped and a man got out.


Unit 055 : do and make

What do you do in your free time? Read? Play sports? I make clothes, I make dresses and jackets, I also make toys for my children.

I hate doing housework, especially cleaning.

I have to do four exercises for homework tonight.

I did the laundry, but I didn't do the grocery shopping.

It's late. Don't make any noise.


Unit 056 : have

I have a new car. or I've got a new car.

When I first met Sue, she had short hair.

I had three cups of coffee this morning.

I'm having a bad day. Everything is going wrong. I hope I have a better day tomorrow.

Can we have a discussion about my pay?

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