22:00 ~ 23:34 (00:29)


Unit 029 ~ 035


어려운 유닛들은 언제까지 어려운 유닛 들인 것이냐...

받아쓰기하다 졸면서 해서 많이 틀렸다.

집중을 해야 하는데 매번 같은 얘기지만 좀 더 집중해야겠다.

어제보다 나은 내일을 위해서.

이전 차수보다 조금이라도 더 나아져야지...

집중력이 떨어져서 시간도 오래 걸린 듯

정신 차리자!!!


받아쓰기 틀린 문장들

Unit 029 : must

It's evening, and you haven't eaten anything all day. You must be hungry.

My brother has worked to your company for years. You must know him.

The phone rang eight times and Megan didn't answer. She must not have her phone with her.

You must eat well If you want to be healthy.

We had to wear safety glasses when we visited the factory last week.

Bicyclists must not ride on the sidewalk.


Unit 030 : should

It's a good movie. You should go and see it.

I should study tonight, but I think I'll go to the movies.

What should we have for dinner.


Unit 031 : I have to...

Mike doesn't have to work very hard. He's got an easy job.

In many countries, men must do military service. In many countries, men have to do military service.


Unit 032 : Would you like...? I'd like...

I'm thirsty. I'd like a drink.

Would you like to go to the movies tonight? Yes, I'd love to.


Unit 033 : I'd rather...

Which would you rather do - go to the movie theater or watch a movie at home?

I'd prefer to sit on the floor.

We'd rather go to the movie theater than watch a movie at home.


Unit 034 : Do this! Don't do that! Let's do this!


Unit 035 : there is, there are

Do you have any money? Yes, there's some in my wallet.

There are some big trees in the yard.

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