19:17 ~ 20:38 (21:40)


Unit 036 ~ 042


오늘은 한 시간 20분 걸렸다.

21회 차에 비하면 조금 나아진 건가?

7 유닛 80~90분

10 유닛 기준 110 ~ 120분이었으니 대략 비슷한가?

5 유닛은 빨랐는데 7 유닛은 점점 느려지나 보다.

유닛 뒤로 갈수록 잘 안 들리고 말 잘 안 나오고 어려운 문장도 아닌데...

계속 틀렸던 것 또 틀리고, 또 틀리고...

~ed form, there 주로 취약한 부분들...

잘 안 들리고 들린 거 받아 쓰면서 문법에 맞게 문장 교정하는데도 문장이 안 잡히는 것들...

문장 이어주는 that, what, when... 다음 주어 + 동사

you are와 your...

계속 반복적으로 하다 보면 언젠가는 될 것이다.

그만큼 연습을 해야 한다.

반복 연습에 연습 또 연습...


받아쓰기 틀린 문장들

Unit 036 : there was / were, there has / have been, there will be

There is nothing on TV tonight.

There was nothing on TV last night.

Is everything OK? Are there any problems?

Was everything OK yesterday? Were there any problems?

Do you think there will be a lot of people at the party on Saturday?

I'm going out of town tomorrow. I'm packing my things today because there won't be time tomorrow.


Unit 037 : it

We can walk home. It isn't far.

It was very windy yesterday. There was a strong wind yesterday.

It wasn't easy to find your house.

Is it true that you're moving to Dallas?


Unit 038 : I am, I don't, etc.

Do you think Megan will come and see us? She might.

My sister has seen the movie, but I haven't


Unit 039 : You have? Have you? You are? Are you?, etc.

I was sick last week. You were? I didn't know that.

Anna lives in Portland, doesn't she? Yes, that's right.

You closed the window, didn't you? Yes, I think so.

Those shoes are nice, aren't they? Yes, very nice.

That isn't your car, is it? No, It's my mother's.


Unit 040 : too / either, so am I / neither do I, etc.

I like the movie, I like it, too.

Kate can't cook. Neither can Tom.


Unit 041 : isn't, haven't, don't, etc. (negatives)

Ryan wasn't hungry.

I haven't finished my work yet.


Unit 042 : is it...? have you...? do they...? etc.

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