19:19 ~ 20:30 (21:17)


Unit 071 ~ 077


고유 명사들 틀린 건 뭐 우리나라 고유명사가 아니니까 천천히 외우면 되고...

여전히 틀리는 부분 관사 (a / the), 단수 복수 (is some)

이게 잘 안 들리기도 하고 그렇다고 하더라도 문장을 보고 골라내야 하는데 아직 연습 부족이다.

이번 유닛에서 집중적으로 틀린 부분

not + anybody / anyone / anything, nobody / no one / nothing

이건 지난번 21회 차에서는 다 맞았던 부분인데...

집중하지 못한 것도 있고, 이상하게 지난 회차에 잘 들리던 게 이번 회차에 잘 안 들리는 문장들이 종종 있다.

물론 지난 회차에 안 들리던 문장이 잘 드리는 것들도 있고...

아직도 연습이 부족해서 틀리는 거라 생각하고 입에 익을 때까지 연습하자.


받아쓰기 틀린 문장들



Unit 071 : the... (names of places)

Quebec is a province of Canada.

Hawaii is an island in the pacific.

The Netherlands

The Philippines

The Atlantic

The Mediterranean

Times Square is in New York.

O'Hare International Airport


Pennsylvania Station.

Carnegie Hall

Pomona College

The Taj Mahal

The Lincoln Memorial


Unit 072 : this / that / these / those

That was a really nice meal. Thank you very much.


Unit 073 : one / ones

Would you like one?

I don't like the black coat, but I like the brown one.

I don't like the red shoes, but I like the green ones.


Unit 074 : some and any

There's some milk in the fridge.

Where's your luggage? I don't have any.


Unit 075 : not + any, no, none

There aren't any cars in the parking lot. There are no cars in the parking lot.

Were there any problems? No, none.


Unit 076 : not + anybody / anyone / anything, nobody / no one / nothing

There isn't anybody in the room, There isn't anyone in the room.

There is nobody in the room. There is no one in the room.

There is nothing in the bag.


Unit 077 : somebody / anything / nowhere, etc.

There is somebody at the door.

There is nobody at the door.

We always go to the same place. Let's go somewhere different.

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