21:56 ~ 23:06 (23:47)


Unit 085 ~ 091


그나마 쉬운 유닛

하지만, 여전히 틀리는 문장들...

말도 안 되는 걸 틀린 문장도 있다...

무슨 생각으로 듣고 받아 쓴 걸까? 아무 생각이 없었나 보다.

중간에 낀 it을 구글 번역기는 알아듣는데 난 왜 못 알아듣는 걸까...

better than it was

연음 구간...

wanted to

hear the radio : the가 to로 들림...

말도 안 되게 you를 we로 알아듣는 막귀...


우선 세 번은 받아쓰기 한 다음에

틀린 문장들만 정리해서 한 번 쭉 듣고 받아쓰기해봐야지.



받아쓰기 틀린 문장들

Unit 085 : old / older, expensive / more expensive

Is it cheaper to go by car or by train?

Is it more expensive to go by car or by train?


Unit 086 : older than... more expensive than...

The restaurant is more crowded than usual.

The hotel was much more expensive than I expected.


Unit 087 : not as... as

The weather is better than it was yesterday. It isn't as cold.


Unit 088 : the oldest, the most expensive.

What is the most unusual thing you've ever done?


Unit 089 : enough

Is there enough salt in the soup? Yes, It's fine.

We wanted to play football, but we didn't have enough players.

Would you like some more to eat? No, thanks. I've had enough.

You're always at home. You don't go out enough.

Can you hear the radio? Is it loud enough for you?

This sweater isn't big enough for me.


Unit 090 : too

His shoes are too big for him.

I think you work too hard.

She speaks too fast for me to understand.


Unit 091 : He speaks English very well. (word order 1)

Why do you always make the same mistake?

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