18:47 ~ 21:05 : 22:27


Unit 001 ~ 010


21회 차 시작!

오늘부터 음성파일 듣고 받아쓰기 10 유닛씩 진행.

한 번에 듣고 받아쓰기는 힘들고...

같은 문장 반복적으로 들으면서 받아쓰기 진행

한 번 듣고 한 번에 받아 쓸 수 있을 때까지 반복 예정.

10 유닛 하는데 한 문장당 평균 3~4번 정도 듣고 받아 쓰기 하는 것 같다.

문법공부를 하고 있는데도 불구하고, 듣는 걸 받아 쓰다 보니 문법이 틀린 부분들, 그리고 단어를 놓치는 부분들이 꽤 된다.

문법과 리스닝을 확실히 잡고 가자.


받아쓰기 틀린 문장들

Unit 001

My father is a doctor and my mother is a journalist.

I'm tired, but I'm not hungry.

These flowers are nice, and they aren't expensive.

James isn't a teacher. He's a student.

Here's your key. Thank you.


Unit 002

Am I late? No, you're on time.

Is your mother home? No, she's out.

Are your parents home? No, they're out.

These shoes are nice. How much are they?

What's your phone number?

Where's Emily?

Who's that man?

Are you hungry? No, I'm not, but I'm thirsty.

Is your friend Japanese? Yes, he is.

Are these your keys. Yes, they are.

That's my seat. No, it isn't.


Unit 003

She's eating.

They're running.

They aren't walking.

The children are doing their homework.

Look, there's Sarah. She's wearing a brown coat.

Where are the children? They're playing in the park.


Unit 004

Why are you wearing a coat? It's not cold.

What's Eric doing? He's studying for his exams.

What are the children doing? They're watching TV.

Look, there's Emily! Where's she going?

Is he working today? Is Ben working today?

Where are they going? Where are those people going?

Are you living now? Yes I am.

Is Ben working today? Yes, he is.

Is it raining? No, it isn't.


Unit 005

He's eating an ice cream cone.

He likes ice cream.

Emily lives in Houston. Her parents live in Chicago.

We do a lot of different things in our free time.

It costs a lot of money to build a hospital.

Sue always gets to work early.

I sometimes walk to work, but not very often.


Unit 006

We don't watch TV very often.

I don't like Josh, and josh doesn't like me.

Sometimes hi is late, but it doesn't happen very often.

I don't like to wash the car. I don't do it very often.

Sarah speaks Spanish, but she doesn't speak Italian.


Unit 007

Do your friends live near here?

How much dose it cost to fly to Puerto Rico?


Unit 008


Unit 009

Sarah isn't feeling well. She has a headache. or She's got a headache.

They like animals. They have a horse, three dogs, and six cats.

It's a nice house, but it doesn't have a garage.

or It's a nice house, but it hasn't got a garage.

Does Jennifer have a car? Yes, she does.

Has Jennifer got a car? Yes, she has.


Unit 010

He was asleep.

Where is Kate? Where was Kate yesterday?

Last year Rachel was 22, so she is 23 now.

When I was a child, I was scared of dogs.

We were hungry after the trip, but we weren't tired.

The hotel was comfortable, but it wasn't expensive.

Was the weather nice when you were on vacation?

Why were you late this morning?


37강 요약

전치사 : 명사를 문장에 더해주기 위한 접착제

- 시간 / 공간 개념으로 확장해 왔음

in the hospital : 의료 서비스를 받는 개념 the


to : 동사 : 움직임이 있는 애들 ~~ 로

~~ from ~~ to : ~~부터 ~~ 로

get to

arrive in / at

- in : 동네

- at : 조금 더 구체적 station


on : 일정, 명단, 표면에 닿는 개념

- on TV

- on the radio

- on the phone


at : 숫자에는 at을 씀

by : ~에 의해서 : 수단 : 교통수단

on the bus : 버스를 타는 것

by bus : 수단으로의 버스 : 교통수단 개념


도구는 with

자르는 주체는 by : 가위는 도구 자르는 건 내가

cut the paper with the scissors


38강 요약

방향 : to

겨냥 : at


throw ~ to : 그쪽 방향으로 던지는 것

throw ~ at : 겨냥해서 던지는 것


from : ~로부터 : 원래 있는 걸 밝혀주는 것


A is different from B

A is different than B도 사용하지만 from을 더 많이 사용


I went to the store for some bread



afraid of

- 뭔가 외부의 영향을 받아서 무서워지는 것

- 무섭게 한 것보다 받은 대상이 중요한 것

- 대상을 밝혀주기 위해 of사용

- 동사가 아닐 경우 of를 사용해서 대상을 밝혀줌

- 나는 무서워 : 뭐가? of dog


full of

- 채워지는 대상

- room is full of people


You are kind

It's kind of you : 친절해 뭐가? 대상 you


for : 걔에 대해서

I'm sorry for her.


hear : 들으려고 노력 안 해도 들리는 것

listen to : 들르려고 노력해야 들리는 것 : 방향 개념

see : 노력 안 해도 보이는 것

look : 집중해서 보는 것


Thank you for gift

Thank you for helping me


put it on

bring them back


bring : 원래 있던걸 가져오는 것

take : 없는 걸 가져오는 것

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