20:05 ~ 21:52 (22:42) : 23:21


Unit 021 ~ 030


10 유닛 받아쓰고 읽기 약 2시간, 받아쓴 문장 맞는지 체크하면서 다시 읽기 약 1시간

10 유닛 하는데 세 시간이 후딱 지나가는구나...

음... 5 유닛으로 줄여야 하나...;;;

일단 하는데 까지 해보고 너무 힘들면 줄여야겠다.

동영상 강의는 당분간 그만 들어야겠다.

그냥 듣기만 하고 따라서 말하기 연습이 안되다 보니 집중력이 떨어진다.

유튜브 강의들 찾아보고 따라 할 수 있는 영상으로 공부해야겠다.


받아쓰기 틀린 문장들

Unit 021

Somebody has painted the door.

The room isn't dirty anymore. It has been cleaned. The room was cleaned yesterday.


Unit 022

These offices aren't cleaned every day.

These houses were built 100 years ago.

How was the window broken?

Tom has never ridden a horse.

Does Gabriela live alone?


Unit 023

Nick studied engineering in college.

I have lived here for 10 years.

Somebody has broken this window.


Unit 024

They are playing tennis.

Are you meeting your friends tonight?

Lisa isn't coming to the party next week.

What time are you leaving?

What time does your plane leave?


Unit 025

What are you going to wear to the wedding next week?

Are you going to invite Matt to your party?

I am playing tennis with Julia tomorrow.


Unit 026

My suitcase is heavy. I'll carry it for you.

I can't decide what to have for dinner. I know! I'll make spaghetti.

We're going to the movies on Saturday. Do you want to come with us?


Unit 027

When is Rebecca going to call you? I don't know. She might call this afternoon.

Buy a lottery ticket. You might be lucky.

I'm playing tennis tomorrow. I might play tennis tomorrow.

Rebecca is going to call later. Rebecca might call later.


Unit 028

I can play the piano. My brother can play the piano, too.

I'm having a party next week, but Eric and Rachel can't come.

I had a party last week, but Eric and Rachel couldn't come.


Unit 029

It's evening, and you haven't eaten anything all day. You must be hungry.

My brother has worked at your company for years. You must know him.

Miguel takes the bus everywhere. He must not have a car.

You must eat well if you want to be healthy.

They're in a dangerous situation. They must be careful.

In the United States, you must be 18 to vote.

They were in a dangerous situation. They had to be careful.

We had to wear safety glasses when we visited the factory last week.

Bicyclists must not ride on the sidewalk.


Unit 030

It's a good movie. You should go and see it.

I should study tonight, but I think I'll go to the movies.

It's very warm in this room. Should I open the window?

What should we have for dinner?


01강 요약

문장 만들기에 초점을 둠

S + V


문장에서 가장 뼈대가 되는 verb

verb 사용법에 대해서 학습


noun을 중심으로 영어답게 생각하는 것


have pp, 문장의 틀을 잡는 것 : 첫 달

a / the, preposition : 둘째 달

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