19:35 ~ 21:25 (23:38)


Unit 041 ~ 050


역시 받아쓰기는 시간이 많이 걸린다.

그래도 지치지 말고 꾸준히 하자.

재택근무 중이라서 퇴근시간이 없으니 아직까지는 3 ~ 4시간씩 공부하는 게 부담이 크진 않다.

재택근무가 끝나면 10 유닛씩 계속할지 고민 좀 해봐야겠다.

듣고 말하고 쓰는 것에 익숙해질 때까지 계속 반복 연습만이 답이다.


받아쓰기 틀린 문장들

Unit 041 : isn't, haven't, don't, etc. (negatives)

I haven't finished my work yet.

I wouldn't like to be an actor.

We played tennis. We didn't play tennis.

I did what you said. I didn't do what you said.


Unit 042 : is it....? have you...? do they...? etc. (questions 1)

What does your brother do? He works in a bank.

Why can't Nicole come to the meeting tomorrow?


Unit 043 : Who saw you? Who did you see? (questions 2)

Who saw Kevin? Julia.

Who did Julia see? Kevin.

Who lives in this house.

What did Kevin say?

Emily won a new car. Who won a new car? Emily. What did Emily win? A new car.


Unit 044 : Who is she talking to? What is it like? (questions 3)

Jack was afraid. What was he afraid of?

Who do these books belong to? They're mine.

Tom's father is in the hospital. Which hospital is he in?

There's a new restaurant near my house. What's it like? Is it good? I don't know. I haven't eaten there yet.


Unit 045 : What...? Which...? How...? (questions 4)

Which is bigger - Canada or Australia?

What is the longest river in the world? Which is the longest river - the Mississippi, the Amazon, or the Nile.

How much was the taxi? Twenty dollars.


Unit 046 : How long does it take...?

How long does it take to cross the Atlantic by ship?

It doesn't take long to make an omelet.

It won't take a long to fix the computer.

It took me three days to read it.

How long will it take me to learn to drive?

Did it take you a long time to find a job?

It will take me an hour to cook dinner.


Unit 047 : Do you know where...? I don't know what..., etc.

Where does he live?

Do you know where he lives?

How do airplanes fly?

What does Emily want?

Can Kevin swim?

Do you know if they've got a car? or Do you know whether they've got a car?

I don't know if anybody saw me. or I don't know whether anybody saw me.


Unit 048 : She said that... He told me that...

Alison said that she was enjoying her new job.

My father isn't very happy.

She said that her father wasn't very happy.

Aaron said that he had to leave early.

My son doesn't like school.

What did she say to you?

What did she tell you?


Unit 049 : work / working, go / going, do / doing

I can't meet you tomorrow.

Helen doesn't know many people.

Would you like to go out?


Unit 050 : to... (I want to do) and ~ing (I enjoy doing)

It's not very lat. We don't need to go home yet.

Rachel decided to sell her car.

Tara suggested going to the movies.

I prefer traveling by car. or I prefer to travel by car.

I live in a small town. I'd hate to live in a big city.

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