20:16 ~ 22:16 (23:39)


Unit 051 ~ 060


오늘도 세 시간이 후딱 가버렸다.

21회 차가 끝나고 22회 차 할 때 받아쓰기 틀린 문장이 얼마나 줄어들까 궁금해진다.

욕심 같아서는 21회 차를 빨리 끝내고 22회 차에 들어가고 싶지만, 무리하지 말자... 이미 충분히 무리하고 있다...;;;


재택이 길어지면 그 안에 10 유닛 듣고 말하고 받아쓰기 시간이 줄어들까?

재택이 끝나는 게 먼저일지 10 유닛 듣고 말하고 받아쓰기 시간이 줄어드는 게 먼저일지 궁금해지네...

하루에 10 유닛이면 12일에 한 권 보는 건데...

재택이 먼저 끝날 확률이 높아 보이는구나...


받아쓰기 틀린 문장들

Unit 051 : I want you to... I told you to...

The man doesn't want the woman to leave. He wants her to stay.

Sue asked a friend to lend her some money.

He's very funny. He makes me laugh.

I didn't have my phone with me, so Sue let me use hers.


Unit 052 : I went to the store to...

She went to the store to get some fruit.

We need some money to buy food.

They're going to Brazil to see their friends.

The light is red. You have to wait for it to change.

Are you waiting for the doctor to come?


Unit 053 : go to... go on... go for... go ~ing

I was very tired and went to sleep early.

We're going on vacation next week.

When we were in Egypt, we went on a tour of the pyramids.

Workers at the airport went on strike.

The weather looks nice. I'm going for a swim.

Richard has a small boat, and he often goes sailing.

I went running before breakfast this morning.


Unit 054 : get

I'm sorry your mother is sick. I hope she gets better soon.

Nicole and David are getting married soon.

I got up and got dressed quickly.

Kate got in the car and drove away.

A car stopped and a man got out.

We got on the bus outside the hotel and got off at Church Street.


Unit 055 : do and make

Emma's job is very boring. She does the same thing every day.

What do you do in your free time? Read? Play sports? I make clothes. I make dresses and jackets. I also make toys for my children.

Did the children do their homework?

I hate doing housework, especially cleaning.

I did the laundry, but I didn't do the grocery shopping.

I cooked, so you should do the dishes.

I need to make an appointment to see the doctor.

It's late. Don't make any noise.


Unit 056 : have

When I first met Sue, she had short hair.

I had three cups of coffee this morning.

I'm having a bad day. Everything is going wrong. I hope I have a better day tomorrow.

Alex had an accident on his first day in Rome.

Can we have a discussion about my pay?


Unit 057 : I / me, he / him, they / them, etc.

Hannah never drinks milk. She doesn't like it.

I never go to parties. I don't like them.

Where's the newspaper? You're sitting on it.


Unit 058 : my / his / their, etc.

their daughter


Unit 059 : Whose is this? It's mine / yours / hers, etc.

We went in our car, and they went in theirs.

Whose shoes are these? They're John's. Whose are these? They're John's.


Unit 060 : I / me / my / mine

Where are the children? Have you seen them? Yes, they are playing whit their friends in the park.

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